2023 winners

Take inspiration from the winners of the 2023 TikTok Ad Awards. These brands and agencies embraced everything that TikTok embodies, leaning into entertainment, culture, creators and unfussy creative to build campaigns that truly resonated with their audiences.

Greatest TikTok 2023

Rossmann Polska

Spreading awareness for a unique value proposition and reaching new customers

Through the power of sound, TikTok gives brands an easy and fun way to connect with new communities, become innovative storytellers, and scale messages. Rossmann Polska knew that catchy sounds have the potential to spark movements so they centred their awareness campaign around a fun rap that they knew would resonate with their target audience. Leaning into the entertaining and dynamic elements that TikTok is known for such as dance routines and scrappy visuals, the brand put their iconic Rossmann fleece front and centre of the campaign and filmed the videos in a Rossman drugstore. The brand used CapCut to edit the videos and then boosted them as Spark Ads, resulting in the videos being viewed more than 13 million times, receiving a total of almost 350,000 likes and being saved more than 35,000 times, showing that thinking TikTok-first is a surefire way to connecting with consumers.

Greatest Creative 2023


Building a community with enticing TikTok-native content

Just imagine the sounds of butter melting in a pan, eggs breaking, a sharp knife slicing through a slice of freshly toasted bread... MASPEX evoked all this and more with their AMSR–themed culinary videos in their quest to create the best FoodTok channel in Poland. MASPEX launched Uwielbiam.pl (translating to I love food.pl), a food channel hosted by TikTok creators @Foxx.gotuje and @Damian_Tkaczuk, who riffed off each other and created a fun, relatable atmosphere to inspire and motivate viewers. After gaining almost 2 million impressions, MASPEX launched a TopView Ad, which was a compilation of the best moments from the set and organic videos, and generated 11 million impressions.

Greatest Performance 2023

Orange (Orange Flex) | Follow Agency | SalesTube & Value Media

Boosting app downloads with playful and authentic content

Mobile network Orange Flex came to TikTok to boost app downloads among younger users at a low cost. The brand created multiple short videos in which they demonstrated the process of downloading their app, then analysed which videos performed the best. The brand then leveraged TikTok's new end-to-end automation solution Smart Performance Campaign, which maximises delivery outcomes for businesses. Due to the optimisations applied, the brand reduced the cost of app downloads by 68% compared to previous campaigns. The cost per app installation for this campaign was also a record low, with a 37% reduction in cost per app install, revealing that the platform is perfect for brands whose campaign goals involve driving maximum performance at a lower cost.

Greatest Small Business 2023

Andżela.com | Sempai (Netarch)

Building a community to drive sales all year round

Fashion apparel brand Andżela took the opportunity enter the world of TikTok, embracing the platform’s Spark Ads solution to promote its autumn collection. Despite initial caution, positive tests in early August paved the way for an avalanche of TikTok-first content to foster community around the brand, resulting in a staggering ROAS of over 5,000% and unprecedented sales, despite the time of year. The success of the campaign not only signifies a remarkable achievement in audience acquisition and revenue generation, but also highlights the platform's potential for further scaling sales with high efficiency.