Greatest Small Business

To reward small businesses with less than 50 employees that leveraged TikTok ads to achieve their campaign goals and drive real-world results.

We're looking for:

TikTok-first creative approach

✨ Standout campaign results and tangible business impact

*This category is open to businesses with less than 50 total global employees (including any subsidiary and parent companies) with campaigns that have ran in Poland. For the avoidance of doubt, this restriction does not apply to any agency that may have been involved with the ad campaign being entered but solely to the business that the campaign is promoting.

Greatest TikTok

Greatest TikTok

* All submissions across the Greatest Branding, Greatest Performance, Greatest Creative categories will be automatically considered for the overall top prize of Greatest TikTok. Greatest TikTok is awarded to the best overall campaign. The campaign that has harnessed the creativity of the platform with innovative, TikTok-first ideas, driving further impact through the clever use of ad products to smash its objectives across the marketing funnel. We’re looking for the campaign that really tapped into TikTok's community, creativity and trends to inspire joy and create a cultural moment.

Local Greatest TikTok winners will come together for the European Grand Prix to crown the Greatest TikTok Europe 2024.


Entries close on 25 September 2024