2023 winners

Take inspiration from the winners of the 2023 TikTok Ad Awards. These brands and agencies embraced everything that TikTok embodies, leaning into entertainment, culture, creators and unfussy creative to build campaigns that truly resonated with their audiences.

Greatest Small Business 2023


Partnering with creators to boost awareness and drive conversions

Health and fitness brand, SmartWorkout set out to drive conversions and awareness amongst young men aged 18 to 25. Using a 3-layer approach, including dynamic organic content, educational posts, and captivating ads, the brand solidified its presence as the go-to for bodybuilding elastics. By utilizing creators and Spark Ads, SmartWorkout effectively communicated its caring, customer-centric ethos along with its dedication to deliver results. The campaign gained over 7 million views across each of its posts, increasing brand awareness considerably and followers considerably. SmartWorkout were also able to achieve a 60% reduction in CPM versus other advertising platforms. Through tailored ad creation, interactive elements, and a balanced content mix, SmartWorkout successfully delivered a TikTok-first approach, achieving impressive performance metrics.


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♬ son original - SmartWorkout

Greatest Creative 2023

BNP Paribas | Jellyfish | Havas

Building trust and deepening relationships with consumers by surfacing them with content that resonates

Banking brand BNP Paribas wanted to be front-of-mind for a new generation of banking-weary users. Using the Creative Center as part of their research, they identified the hashtags their target audience was using about housing, their biggest expense. This led to them launching the "Vise l'appart" (aim for the apartment/flat) campaign to promote their flat-hunting solution. Partnering with TikTok creator and rapper @officieldace, the brand created a soundtrack and video inspired by the difficulties of finding a flat that also offered viewers a concrete solution, showing them that a bank could understand them and be there for them. The brand then launched a lip-sync challenge, with 1,000€ up for grabs for the winner, and boosted it with In-Feed Ads and Spark Ads . The campaign generated 69.5M impressions on the platfosssrm in one month, with an average watch time of 14.3 seconds. The brand's flat-hunting solution webpage also recorded record traffic of 77,000 visits , with a significant increase in subscriptions, helping Paribas make life-long connections with a new audience.

@mabanquebnpparibas On s’est inspiré de vos commentaires sur la recherche d’appart et on en a fait un son avec @D_aceoff ? Avec l’offre Jeun’Appart*, on t’accompagne du dossier à la remise des ? ​#MaBanque#BNPParibas#appart#logement#ViseLAppart#JeunAppart ♬ son original - mabanquebnpparibas

Greatest Performance 2023

La Rosée Cosmétiques

Driving sales for a new product range with a targeted e-commerce solution

In La Rosée Cosmétiques' second year on TikTok, they faced the challenge of promoting a new range of products while renewing interest in their existing range. The brand developed two types of content to reach their goals: educational content to drive awareness which was boosted as Spark Ads and product-focused content served as Video Shopping Ads , TikTok's newest e-commerce solution that enables consumers to shop brands' products directly. Leveraging this combination of products enabled the brand to drive 6.8 million video views , a conversion rate of 26.85% and a return on ad spend of 4.42x. La Rosée Cosmétiques strategy of developing content with dual objectives and combining two key ad solutions was pivotal to the success of this campaign.

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Greatest TikTok 2023

Burger King | Buzzman | Kr Wavemaker

Creating a viral moment with an unexpected campaign

How do you get one of the most famous brands in the world to follow you on TikTok? Burger King harnessed TikTok to create a fun, viral moment by partnering with an unexpected creator (trading content creator @masdak_trading) to encourage users to try and get their attention to win a free Whopper. But they could only get the brand's attention by creating content! And this led to amazing engagement – users had to get noticed without knowing how to do it, so they had to use all the creativity that the platform allows. For example, liking all the videos on the account at once, creating special "Burger King subscriber accounts", singing, making logos, and so much more. In the end, Burger King's campaign achieved more than 20 million views , one million likes , 20,000 comments , 15,000 shares and netted them over 100,000 new followers , showing that having a playful approach to community engagement really works for the TikTok audience.

@masdak_trading Je dévoile enfin la raison pour laquelle @Burger King France est abonné à mon compte ! #Masdak #Burgerking ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose