Greatest Branding

To reward a standout branding campaign that featured innovative campaign strategy and TikTok-first creative to drive excellent upper funnel results. Specific to a single campaign.

We're looking for:

✨ TikTok-first creative approach

✨ Innovative campaign strategy and standout upper-funnel results

Greatest TikTok

Greatest TikTok

* All submissions across the Greatest Branding, Greatest Performance, Greatest Creative categories will be automatically considered for the overall top prize of Greatest TikTok. Greatest TikTok is awarded to the best overall campaign. The campaign that has harnessed the creativity of the platform with innovative, TikTok-first ideas, driving further impact through the clever use of ad products to smash its objectives across the marketing funnel. We’re looking for the campaign that really tapped into TikTok's community, creativity and trends to inspire joy and create a cultural moment.

Local Greatest TikTok winners will come together for the European Grand Prix to crown the Greatest TikTok Europe 2024.


Entries close on 25 September 2024