2023 winners

Take inspiration from the winners of the 2023 TikTok Ad Awards. These brands and agencies embraced everything that TikTok embodies, leaning into entertainment, culture, creators and unfussy creative to build campaigns that truly resonated with their audiences.

Greatest Small Business 2023

Spacies | Barkerz GmbH

Using authentic storytelling to make a real impact

With the aim of making a lasting brand impact, the nutritious cereal brand Spacies shifted its focus from the product to showcasing real people. Through creative authentic storytelling, sound on content and leveraging ad solutions such as Shopping Ads , Spark Ads and In-Feed Ads , the brand shared its founders’ health conscious lifestyle, in line with the key selling point of their products. This allowed the brand to achieve extremely favorable cost per order while maintaining good brand impact and fully establishing the product in ecommerce with sustainable 6-figure monthly sales.

@spacies.official High Protein Frühstücksloops. ?❤️ #fyp #foryou #spacies ♬ original sound - Spacies

Greatest Creative 2023

Ford Deutschland | ODALINE & Justaddsugar

Harnessing viral moments to shift brand perception and drive differentiation

To transform the brand's image and combat low market share in Germany, Ford developed a TikTok campaign that centred around "adventurous spirit". The brand launched their presence on TikTok with a tag team of 15 "Ford Adventurers" sourced from the TikTok Creator Marketplace and by jumping on the viral "Ford GT guy" video, which featured a Ford enthusiast who is crazy about the brand. After encouraging the community to help find him, the brand were inundated with comments and engagement, with the "Ford GT guy" being tagged several hundred times in the comments. The brand then released a video where they invited him to Ford and showed him around his dream car. Further content was served as Spark Ads and In-Feed Ads to enhance reach. After just three months, the brand saw a 24% increase in the association of Ford with "adventure" – more than any other car brand. The content positioned Ford as a brand that understands the TikTok platform, interacts with the community, and responds quickly as well as entertainingly to viral moments.

@forddeutschland Wir widmen unser erstes TikTok dem Ford GT Bro! Gänsehaut, wenn sich jemand so über unsere Autos freut ? Helft uns den Bro zu finden ❤️ Falls du das liest: Slide in unsere Insta DMs & wir organisieren dir einen Tag mit dem Ford GT ?? Ford GT Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 15 l/100 km, CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 343 g/km (nach § 2 Nrn. 5, 6, 6a Pkw-EnVKV in der jeweils geltenden Fassung) #ford #fordgt #duesseldorf ♬ Originalton - ford_deutschland

Greatest Performance 2023

ERGO | xevio GmbH

Using an agile approach to content creation to attract a new audience

Insurance brand ERGO had their sights set on attracting a new audience with a significantly higher customer lifetime value. Knowing this audience was hard to reach with traditional analogue marketing – and even on other digital channels – and wanting to connect with the target audience authentically, they launched a TikTok campaign. Learning that TikTok is a fast-moving platform, the brand cleverly adapted their video production to combat ad fatigue, moving from producing content monthly to weekly, and boosted their videos as In-Feed Ads . With agility came results, and the brand attracted 2,153 new customers directly from TikTok and reached their profitability target after only 8 weeks, with one video raising over 85,000€ alone. ERGO's campaign shows the effectiveness of scaling your TikTok ad creative to combat fatigue and drive results.

Greatest TikTok 2023

Nikon Europe | charles & charlotte GmbH + ODALINE GmbH

Partnering with creators to revitalise brand image

A brand's image is important – and no-one knows that more than camera brand Nikon Europe. To transform their image and increase awareness and consideration among a new generation of photographers and videographers, Nikon launched their TikTok "Mystery Box Challenge". The brand sent a number of creators "Mystery Boxes" – which were filled with a handful of mirrors, yellow paper and the Nikon CI – and asked them to create a photo or video shoot with the Mystery Box. The campaign was TikTok-first from start to finish: the brand used Creative Centre to explore and discover trends, Creator Marketplace to source creators, the Commercial Content Library for music and CapCut to edit. The result? Authentic, innovative and artistic shoots that really positioned Nikon in a fresh light. And drove incredibly strong results: over 25 million views, 177,700 likes, 1,875 shares and 554 comment. Further, the brand saw a 16.8% lift in brand awareness, a 19% increase in users seeing Nikon as a modern video brand and a 4.55% increase in users considering buying a Nikon camera.

@nikon.eu Can’t believe he really did that ? Shot by @Simon Meyer #nikon #nikoncreators #randomobject #mirrors #mirrorchallenge ♬ Originalton - Nikon Europe