Previous winners

Take inspiration from the winners of the TikTok Ad Awards 2022. These brands and agencies embraced everything that the platform embodies, leaning into entertainment, culture, creators and unfussy creative to build campaigns that truly resonated with their audiences.

UK Greatest TikTok 2022

Channel 4 | OMD

Channel 4 jumped on the popular TikTok trend "tell me, without telling me", and launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge inviting the entire community to celebrate and showcase what makes them different. To spread the challenge far and wide, Channel 4 collaborated with creators to produce videos of them doing something "normal" and then revealing what makes them unique. The campaign was supported with a Branded Effect, TopView Ads, In-Feed Ads, and a custom soundtrack, creating huge amounts of noise, which led to a whopping 5.1 billion video views, 8.7 million engagements, and 827,000 video creations.

@channel4 You’re different. We’re different. Join our challenge now with #AltogetherDifferent #TellMeWithoutTellingMe #Challenge ♬ original sound - Channel 4

UK Greatest Performance 2022

SLG Brands | Johnny's Chop Shop

Johnny's Chop Shop created and posted multiple native TikTok videos ranging from product explanations, to response to questions, to ‘how to use’ demos, and boosted the best performing content as Spark Ads. The campaign resulted in over 23.8 million video views, 25% year-on-year sales growth, and a 52% uplift in brand awareness.

UK Greatest Creative 2022

Tesco | BBH

Tesco wanted to grow the number of younger Tesco Clubcard users, so they came to TikTok for an authentic campaign. Tapping into platform-native functionalities and trends, the brand used the Duet feature to invite the TikTok community to interview for a chance to become their newest voice of the checkout. Supported by Spark Ads, the campaign amassed over 43 million views and over 2,900 entries.

@tesco Send us your entry for #TescoVoiceOfCheckout by 5th October! Here are a few so far from @ambtok3 @caringwhispers_asmr @adam_anderson1 @rosie_farfalla ♬ original sound - Tesco