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Take inspiration from the winners of the 2023 TikTok Ad Awards. These brands and agencies embraced everything that TikTok embodies, leaning into entertainment, culture, creators and unfussy creative to build campaigns that truly resonated with their audiences.

UK Greatest TikTok 2023

Glow For It | Develop Digital

Fostering community loyalty and driving sell-out results

TikTok can be used by brands big and small to drive business impact. Small business brand Glow For It created authentic, TikTok-native content for their conversion campaign by sharing real results from real customers, and fostered trust and intimacy by speaking directly to camera. To scale their messaging, the brand boosted their content as In-Feed Ads and Spark Ads, resulting in a 9% purchase rate and a 4.58x ROAS, more than double their target. At the beginning of their campaign, the brand sold over one month's worth of stock in less than 48 hours, and in the last year, the brand has been able to launch over 12 new SKUs, with a further five launching before the end of the year. The brand has also been able to hire a team of over 6 employees and move into a full-time office space, all due to TikTok's ability to empower brands to foster deeper relationships with their customers.

@glowforitshop Replying to @dinosaurukelele My lash growth journey using?Lash Growth Serum? #lashgrowthserum #lashes #longlashes #hairtok #longhair #hairgrowthtips #fyp ♬ original sound - GLOW FOR IT

UK Greatest Creative 2023

Lidl | Coolr | OMD UK

Driving a conversation and growing brand love with a custom jingle

A sound-on experience is key for TikTok users, and an engaging sound has the power to take a brand's content to next-level performance and spark a viral moment. Lidl harnessed this power to launch their brand on TikTok, drive new followers and foster brand love in the process. Their "Ode to Bakery" campaign featured a re-recording of an iconic 90s hit, with lyrics based on real customers’ tweets about their love of the Lidl Bakery. To make the jingle more interactive and really engage the TikTok audience, Lidl bolstered the campaign with an interactive Open Verse Challenge, encouraging users to duet the song with their own lyrics. To drive impact, the brand boosted the videos as TopView Ads, Top Feed Ads and In-Feed Ads, driving 85,000 likes and 5,500 shares and smashing engagement with a view-through rate of 39% and a click-through rate of 1%. Beyond the platform results, a brand lift study also showed that the campaign resonated incredibly well with the target audience, with a massive 32.3% ad recall uplift as well as a positive shift in favourability and recommendation of Lidl’s bakery. Yum!

@lidlgb Lidl bakery x N-Trance = a certified banger and we want YOU to feature on it! ? This could be the first song to feature lyrics about an all butter croissant... ? #openversechallenge #lidl #lidlbakery ♬ Set You Free (feat. Tricia McTeague) - With Tricia McTeague parody vocal re-record - N-Trance

UK Greatest Performance 2023


Growing customer numbers at a low cost with a full-funnel strategy

PureGym wanted to increase consumer consideration and grow their member base, all while reducing their cost per acquisition. Knowing that the most successful content on TikTok is content that is created specifically for the platform, the brand utilised the TikTok Creative Exchange Programme to develop 20 pieces of creator-led content that leveraged trending sounds, special effects and Interactive Add-Ons. The brand then developed a full-funnel strategy consisting of reach, traffic and conversion campaigns that utilised a suite of ad solutions including In-Feed Ads and Spark Ads. The campaign reached more than 10.9 million people in the UK, delivering over 173 million video views and 26,000+ new joiners to the gym, and as a direct result of their test-and-learn approach, PureGym reduced their cost-per-completed-payment by 77%. PureGym proved that an always-on approach and the right mix of ad formats are key to driving long-term success on the platform and real business results.

@sandsxfitness i started this account for absolute giggles, and it turned out to be so much more. im no muscle mommy but im just here to have good vibes and make gains along the way, and inspire my brown babes (and EVERY BABE) to join me as well ? also i hope u realise i made that last gym beginner clip extra long so some of u realise im not acting and ive been making these faces for TIME, thank u and goodnight #fyp #gymtok #browngymgirl #fitness #girlswholift ♬ original sound - 音楽kanji_gaku - EVAS

UK Greatest Small Business 2023


Unleashing the power of viral content to drive sales

Harnessing the power of their viral organic content, Healthxcel leaped into the world of ads with major success. Leveraging videos with over a million views that resulted in a remarkable £2,000 sales within a single day, Healthxcel wanted to drive further impact by shifting its goal to increase reach using more accurate targeting with the use of Spark Ads to appear seamlessly in the For You Feed. The campaign saw staggering results, with over 2 million impressions, over 29,000 clicks, and over 2,000 conversions, propelling a monumental 400% surge in sales across its platforms.