2022 winners

Take inspiration from the winners of the TikTok Ad Awards 2022. These brands and agencies embraced everything that the platform embodies, leaning into entertainment, culture, creators and unfussy creative to build campaigns that truly resonated with their audiences.

Greatest TikTok 2022

Unieuro | Bcube | Zenith

Unieuro flooded TikTok feeds in Italy with its "The Clerk" campaign, which saw the brand invent its own creator who cleverly acted as a clerk that was trapped inside Unieuro's TikTok profile. A series of entertaining TikToks built the character's story where he tells us about his life inside the platform. Boosting the humorous videos as In-Feed Ads and Top Feed Ads that appeared natively in users' For You feeds led to the brand amassing an incredible 100,000 followers in just three months. The 18 videos achieved over 50 million views, 750,000 interactions, and 117,000 new followers.


Titolo di studio: no.

♬ suono originale - Unieuro

Greatest Creative 2022

Costa Crociere | Herezie | WPP

Costa Crociere launched its "Believe your Eyes" campaign, highlighting the real emotions and unique moments that we can experience on board its ships. The campaign was launched through our premium ad slot, a TopView Ad, which achieved over 16 million impressions, a +88% increase in view-through rate vs benchmark and a +37% increase in profile visits vs benchmark.

@costacruisesofficial You can miss a holiday this much only if it’s Costa.#BelieveYourEyes ♬ suono originale - costacruisesofficial

Greatest Performance 2022

Edenred | H-FARM

Edenred partnered with H-FARM to roll out a new creative strategy for TikTok, centered around three key pillars: creator collaboration to produce native TikTok content, the production of informative content with the aim of educating the TikTok community, and a full-funnel campaign approach to acquire new B2B leads at a low cost per acquisition. This new strategy, which was rolled out through In-Feed Ad campaigns, led to a 55% increase in reach, a 23% increase in leads and a 24% reduction in cost per lead.