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Take inspiration from the winners of the 2023 TikTok Ad Awards. These brands and agencies embraced everything that TikTok embodies, leaning into entertainment, culture, creators and unfussy creative to build campaigns that truly resonated with their audiences.

Greatest TikTok 2023

Barilla | LePub

Building an audience of millions and starting a movement

Pasta brand Barilla wanted to build an audience and start a movement around leftover pasta and food waste. On TikTok, content with #pasta has around 30 billion video views and an engagement rate of 9.6%, so the brand chose TikTok to launch their #SecondLifePasta campaign. Using a TikTok-native feature, the Stitch tool, the brand jumped on the most-loved pasta videos already on the platform and partnered with food creators who 'stitched' brand new recipes from their leftovers onto the videos, creating hundreds of delicious inspirational videos for saving pasta, available to everyone around the world. The brand leveraged a number of solutions including TikTok Lead Generation , TopView Ads , Top Feed Ads and In-Feed Ads to increase awareness and engagement. The campaign drove over 110 million video views , resulting in approximately 500,000 dishes being saved per year. Due to the brand's success on TikTok, #SecondLifePasta recipes became a digital cookbook, a restaurant experience, a cooking show and a masterclass, showing that brands can harness TikTok to create relatable and inspirational content that truly makes a difference off the platform as well as on it.

@barilla To celebrate #WorldPastaDay, give your leftover pasta a second life by creating new delicious recipes. #SecondLifePasta #Barilla #ASignOfLove ♬ original sound - barilla

Greatest Creative 2023

Fiat Stellantis | Leo Burnett

Telling the story of a community and engaging millions with TikTok-first content

How do you take a 40-year-old product and refresh perceptions for a new audience? Fiat decided to usher in a new era of excitement and interest in the Fiat Panda by using TikTok to tell the story of Pantelleria, an island in Italy where the Panda car is so popular that 1 in 3 people drive one. The 'Fiat Presents: Pandelleria' campaign put popular TikTok creator Gabriele Vagnato in the driver's seat and used a Branded Mission to spotlight the story of Pantelleria (which the campaign renamed Pandelleria) and its Panda-loving inhabitants, dubbing them "Pandistas". With 55 million views , 146 million interactions , 132,000 reposts , a 400% boost in brand loyalty – and multiple petitions to change the name of the island for real – Pandelleria was cemented as one of Fiat's highest-performing campaigns with a 38% view-through rate, beating their average of 32%, and showcasing the power of performance-driven TikTok-first storytelling.

@gabrielevagnato Ho paura delle api? Si Ho fatto l’apicoltore per un giorno? Si Lo rifarei? Assolutamente no, non si è mai fortunati due volte... #Pandelleria #FiatPandelleria ♬ suono originale - Gabriele Vagnato

Greatest Performance 2023

Ray-Ban | Cooltura

Showcasing a new product range and driving impact

Ray-Ban's innovative reflective lens collection needed an equally innovative campaign to drive impact with consumers, so the brand came to TikTok to combine the best of performance marketing with the platform's unique ability to connect with audiences. The brand took a test-and-learn approach to their full-funnel campaign, leveraging Interactive Add-Ons , Video Shopping Ads , Spark Ads and In-Feed Ads to drive impact, achieving 40 million impressions, an increase in click-through rate of 36% and a return on investment 132% higher than the brand's average. Additionally, there was a significant boost in searches and sales on search channels during the TikTok campaign, with a remarkable 4x increase in daily searches compared to the pre-campaign period. This campaign showcased the effectiveness of testing different ad formats and solutions to learn how to best reach your objectives.

Greatest Small Business 2023


Elevating brand visibility to drive conversions

Fashion brand, A-MORE wanted to promote its new application with an animated, interactive video featuring the brand owner, Camilla. Leveraging the platform’s expansive audience reach and a number of integrated ads solutions, including Top View Ads, In-Feed Ads, Spark Ads and Interactive Add-ons, the campaign maintained the brand's tone while taking a TikTok-first approach with its content. The video seamlessly blended into users' feeds, driving exceptional results with 10,000 downloads achieved in record time. During the 48-hour ad run, the A-MORE app became the most downloaded application in Italy, showcasing TikTok's unparalleled ability to drive conversions and elevate brand visibility.


❤️QUESTA È LA VOSTRA APP!❤️ Probabilmente molti di voi si aspettavano un semplice sito trasformato in applicazione, ma abbiamo deciso di trasformare il concept di A-MORE in un vero e proprio Social Media. La prima sfida è aperta, carica un post nel trend BACK2SCHOOL per provare a vincere uno zaino di A-MORE!

♬ original sound - A-MORE